Kustexcursie in Alesund: Van fjorden tot trollen
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Kustexcursie in Alesund: Van fjorden tot trollen
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Kustexcursie in Alesund: Van fjorden tot trollen

1 day
Onmiddellijke bevestiging
Over deze activiteit
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Stoppen bij: Norway Excursions, Selnesvaagen 4, Alesund 6280 Noorwegen

Norway Excursions AS

Duur: 5 minuten

Stoppen bij: Port of Alesund, Keiser Wilhelms gate 6, 6003 Ålesund, Noorwegen

Het beginpunt van de tour

Duur: 5 minuten

Stoppen bij: Kokarsteinen, Fv650 140, 6250 Stordal, Noorwegen

Fotomoment bij de Storfjord

Duur: 10 minuten

Stoppen bij: Gudbrandsjuvet, Route 63 Rv 63, Valldal 6210 Noorwegen

Ontdek de schoonheid van deze indrukwekkende kloof

Duur: 15 minuten

Stoppen bij: Trollstigen (Troll's Ladder), Åndalsnes, 6300 Noorwegen

Geniet op het platform van het uitzicht over de Trollenweg en de vallei, voordat u deze wereldberoemde bergweg zult ervaren

Duur: 30 minuten

Stoppen bij: Stigfossen Waterfall, Andalsnes 6300 Noorwegen

Een fotostop onderaan de geweldige Stigfossen-waterval

Duur: 5 minuten

Stoppen bij: Trollveggen Besoksenter, Horgheim, Andalsnes 6300 Noorwegen

Bezoek aan de hoogste verticale rotswand van Europa

Duur: 10 minuten

Komt langs: Circle K Åndalsnes, Øran Øst, 6300 Åndalsnes, Noorwegen

Rijd langs de Rauma-rivier

Stoppen bij: Port of Alesund, Keiser Wilhelms gate 6, 6003 Ålesund, Noorwegen

Rit terug naar het ontmoetingspunt (eindpunt van de tour)

Duur: 10 minuten

Stoppen bij: Stordal Gamle Kyrkje, Stordal 6250 Noorwegen

Fotostop in de buitenlucht bij de Rode Kerk

Duur: 10 minuten

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  • Meerdere fjorden
  • Valldal, aardbeien-gebied
  • Gudbrandsjuvet
  • Trollstigen / Trollenweg
  • Stigfossen (waterval)
  • Trollveggen / Trollenwand
  • Romsdalshorn
  • Lunch (inclusief of exclusief)
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5 | 2019-09-23

Danny our tour guide provided great local knowledge and live commentary throughout our trip. Our bus driver also did a fantastic job navigating the tight turns along the Troll road. A big thank you to both. The 8 hours flew by with the stunning sights and appropriate photo stops along the way. We did not have the lunch included package which allowed extra flexibility at each stop and we even had a quick city tour before being dropped off at the end of the trip. A great day out.

Christina J
5 | 2019-08-09

We enjoyed our visit to this part of Norway very much. The scenery was spectacular and the trip was well paced.

Edward K
5 | 2019-07-30

The waterfalls and snake road were incredible. The lunch was tasty and fulfilling. Especially enjoyed the desserts. Great guide made the trip memorable.

Sumner R
5 | 2019-07-22

If there is one all inclusive excursion to do, this is the one. The eight hours flew by. Magnificent sights.

Carol J
5 | 2019-07-03

One of our favorite excursions ever, it eclipses climbing the Jungrau, Hitler's Eagles Nest, the Highlands of Scotland, and even the drive through Alaska. Patagonia and the bottom of South America might inch it out, but this tour was stupendous! Monica, our guide, excelled in knowledge, cordiality, and delivery. Five stars all the way.

5 | 2019-07-03

I admit I was a little skeptical when my wife booked this trip - I prefer smaller groups and traveling in mini-vans or cars, however I was pleasantly surprised. The Viator representatives were standing right outside the cruise gates and easy to spot in their brightly colored jackets. They directed us to a bus which was a very short walk away and soon our tour guide IGA joined us. She was very informative as we drove out of the city and along our way and kept the information flowing but was also considerate enough to know when not to talk or when to take a break. Our photo stops were great and numerous. She was willing to answer any and all questions and made the day go by fast. We saw gorges, strawberry fields, hikers skiing down the mountains, amazing views from the top and a nerve wracking trip down the troll road - kudos to the bus driver whose name I did not get, but he had a sense of humor and drove very safely. Arrived back to the ship in time, even though they had shortened our stay in port by an hour. Was a great trip.

Thomas P
5 | 2017-10-08

This was a great tour from beginning to end. Anita was a terrific guide, anxious to answer all questions and interjecting some of her personal experiences such as her recent Northern Lights viewing. There was ample time to enjoy each stop, and the ride down the Troll road was quite an experience. As a side note, we followed the cruise ship shore excursion bus throughout the day, even stopping for a great lunch at the same location. But, we paid approx. half the price for our tour compared to booking through the ship. And I'm certain our tour guide was the very best for this particular tour. We are very pleased with our Viator experiences and will continue to take advantage of their tours on future international trips.

Kristina H
4 | 2017-09-13

You see incredible sights on this excursion. They are really worth while. A highlight for us was the view and exhibition centre right before Troll's Ladder. We had a very knowledgeable and upbeat guide, who was great. Some of the stops near the end could've been skipped, and the bus needed wifi, but other than that, we really enjoyed the experience.

4 | 2017-09-12

We did enjoy our tour and everything went very smoothly. The instructions regarding the meeting point giving an address were a little confusing and it would have been clearer to simply state that we would be met at the port, which we were! It didn't really make any difference who you booked with, everyone including many bus loads from the cruise ship all went to the same places at the same time and even had lunch at the same venue, however the lunch was delicious buffet style as always with tours serving salmon at least three different ways plus many other local foods and there was plenty to go around. Guide and driver were both very good, friendly and informative. The drive and scenery were spectacular!

5 | 2017-08-30

Great Scenery Amazing Drive Well Worth the Time and Money We took a Viator Fjords to Trolls tour on while in Alesund in August 2017 for a day during a cruise ship stop. It was a great decision! We had seen some of the Norwegian fjords from the bottom on small-boat fjord tours the prior few days but this gave us a great view of what happens on the top away from the fjord itself. The views were spectacular! Sweeping vistas, small streams, mountain lakes, narrow roads, tunnels through granite and more. The scenery was completely different than what I was expecting. It was a long day a bit over 8 hours but worth it. We went down the Trollstigen or troll-ladder which is an amazing series of switchbacks that go from the top of a mountain plateau to the valley floor. There is a viewing platform at the top so we could see where we were going and amazing views on the way down especially the Stigfossen water fall. I was a bit apprehensive as I dont like heights, but the bus went slowly down and it turned out to be great. We also saw the Trollveggan which is the highest vertical wall in continental Europe. It is difficult to get a sense of perspective of the height until you see a speck in the distance and realize it is a person. The instructions to the meeting area were a bit vague, just Storneskaia 6003. This is essentially the bus-station at the cruise terminal where you can get the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus, the tram tour, or a coffee. It took us about 5-10 minutes to walk there from the ship.



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