Dagtrip naar D-daystranden in Normandië met Amerikaanse begraafplaats en lunch
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Dagtrip naar D-daystranden in Normandië met Amerikaanse begraafplaats en lunch
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Dagtrip naar D-daystranden in Normandië met Amerikaanse begraafplaats en lunch

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Komt langs: Place des Pyramides, 75001 Parijs Frankrijk

We maken het u makkelijk om naar Normandië te gaan en alle hoogtepunten te bekijken. U kunt kiezen uit een grote of kleine groep, afhankelijk van uw budget en hoe u deze bijzondere dag wilt beleven.

Komt langs: Memorial de Caen, Esplanade General Eisenhower, 14050 Caen Frankrijk

Laat het rijden aan ons over, zodat u de geschiedenis kunt ontdekken. Uw dagtrip naar Normandië vanuit Parijs begint met een 3-4 uur durende rit naar de Franse noordwestkust. Geniet van de uitzichten op het afwisselende Franse platteland, en stop bij het bekroonde Caen Memorial Museum voor een fascinerende reis naar D-Day en WO2.

Komt langs: Pointe du Hoc, 14450 Cricqueville-en-Bessin Frankrijk

Geniet hier van een lunch alvorens verder te gaan naar Pointe du Hoc, een strategische Duitse bunker die werd veroverd door Amerikaanse soldaten.

Komt langs: Normandy American Cemetery en Memorial, Saint Laurent Sur Mer, 14710 Colleville-sur-Mer Frankrijk

In de indrukwekkende stilte van de Amerikaanse begraafplaats en het Caen Memorial Museum kunt u dan de laatste eer bewijzen aan de bijna 10.000 Amerikaanse gesneuvelde militairen.

Komt langs: Omaha Beach, Avenue de la Libération, Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer Frankrijk

De begraafplaats kijkt uit over Omaha Beach, waar u wat vrije tijd hebt om langs de kust te wandelen, te genieten van het uitzicht op de oceaan en na te denken over de aangrijpende verhalen achter iedere naam.

Komt langs: Juno Beach, Saint-Aubin-Sur-Mer Frankrijk

Aarzel niet om het bezoekerscentrum te verkennen waar de verhalen en acties van de Amerikaanse soldaten uitvoerig worden beschreven. Vervolgens gaat u naar Juno Beach om het Canadese Monument te bekijken en Arromanches, waar u nog steeds de overblijfselen kunt zien van de kunstmatige haven die is gebouwd door de geallieerden. Uw onvergetelijke dagtrip eindigt met de rit terug naar Parijs.
* Tour langs de locaties van D-Day in Normandië vanuit Parijs
* Bezoek Omaha Beach en de kunstmatige haven van Arromanches'
* Geniet van een lunch op een schilderachtige plek bij het Caen Memorial Museum
* Rijd langs Juno Beach en Gold Beach
* Ontdek de geschiedenis van het gebied met uw gids
* Alle vervoer en transfers inbegrepen

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  • Lunch: 3-gangenmenu (voorgerecht + hoofdgerecht en dessert) met drankjes inbegrepen
  • Vervoer van Parijs naar Versailles en terug
  • Professionele, meertalige gids
  • Vertrek vanuit centraal gelegen bureau in Parijs als u een standaardtour hebt geselecteerd zonder ophalen bij het hotel
  • Deze optie is inclusief ophalen bij het hotel (om 6:15 uur)
  • Bezoek met gids aan de invasiestranden van Normandië
Niet inclusief
  • Fooi
  • Ophalen en afzetten bij hotel (als optie niet is geselecteerd)
  • U ontvangt op het moment van boeken een bevestiging
  • De busreis van Parijs naar Normandië duurt 3 à 4 uur en u bent 4 uur lang in Normandië
5 | 2019-07-24

What an amazing experience! Definitely worth the time and money! Hervé was an excellent tour guide. He had a vast knowledge of the area and the history of the war. Lunch at the country home was superb. It is a long day, but worth it. My on con was not having time to visit the museum.

Benjamin L
5 | 2019-07-08

I was honoring my father for his service in the 82nd Airborne on June 6, 1944. Sebastain provided a very thourough presentation on our 12 hour tour.

4 | 2019-07-08

We had a good bus driver, great guide, very knowledgeable. Trip over and back was long but comfortable. We enjoyed seeing the Museum in Caen and we certainly enjoyed the Memorial Cemetery and the stops at Omaha Beach. We did not know that it was going to be a 13 hour day, although we knew it would take time to get there. The museum was awesome, lunch was just ok. We had some kind of meat that we did not know what it was.....it was fatty and tasteless, the rest of the meal was alright. The stop on the way home along the highway to get food was pretty much a joke. Food was terrible that we purchased, sandwiches. Surely you could make a better stop than this place. Things that we did not like about the tour itself was the fact that we went all that way to Normandy and only had 45 minutes at the memorial and I think 20 minutes at Omaha beach. You can't see the memorial in 45 minutes. We were rushing around......it was crazy. As far as going to the Canadian memorial at the beach, it took one hour to get there and we were there for maybe 30 minutes. I would take that 1-1/2 hours and give more time at the Memorial Cemetery. It was just very disappointing when we looked so forward to being at Normandy, only to have to rush through it with minimal amount of time.

4 | 2019-07-05

This was a very long day, but glad we did it. Very emotional seeing where the Allied Forces landed, and the American cemetery was overwhelming. Seeing rows and rows of white ivory crosses as far as the eye could see, especially when you know the soldiers average ages were 18-19. As a Canadian I would have appreciated a bit more detail on the involvement of the Canadian soldiers at Juno Beach, but understand that the Americans had a much larger troop. Filled with pride to see so many Canadian flags along the villages and to know that the French have not forgotten the sacrifices made by the Canadians, the British and the Americans.

3 | 2019-07-05

I went on this trip with my 16 year old son and the sites we stopped at were great. We felt like we didn't have enough time at some stops and to much at others. The tour guide didn't give any indication of what we should do at each stop, bathroom or food/drink. We had 30 people jammed at a vending machine only to find out that our next stop was a place for food and drinks. We also didn't know which stops had restrooms, so we again had long lines and the next stop had huge restrooms.

Ronald F
4 | 2019-07-03

I enjoyed this tour of the Normandy beaches and the American Military Cemetery. Our guide, Dominique, was excellent, pointing out places of interest and history all along the tour - from the start of the trip to the very end. It is a long tour - 14 hours, but worth it to me. With my limited time to visit Paris, only the weekend, I got to see more of Paris and France than I could have on my own. I recommend this for history buffs, educators, and for anyone who is interested in learning more about one of the most momentous events of the last century.

Jonathan T
3 | 2019-07-03

To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel. I found the booking details a touch vague, relying heavily on previous reviews to piece together how I thought the day would go. Here's the breakdown of our day: - To Caen from Paris: 3 hours - Time at Caen Museum + Lunch : 2 hours - Travel from the Museum to Pointe du Hoc: 45 minutes - Time at Pointe du Hoc: 30 minutes - Travel from Pointe du Hoc to Omaha: 20 minutes - Time at Omaha Beach: 10 minutes - Travel from Omaha to Cemetery: 20 minutes - Time at Cemetery: 50 minutes - Travel from Cemetery to Juno Beach: 50 minutes - Time at Juno: 30 minutes - Return to Paris (+1 rest stop): 3.5 hours Pros: - We departed RIGHT on time, 7:00am ON THE DOT. - Our route out of central Paris took us by some sights I hadn't yet seen, such as Concorde, Champs-Elysees, and Arc du Triomphe, and our guide kindly shared tidbits as we entered the rural area outside the city (and when we returned to the city at night). - Everything along the trip was seamless. There was no time spent waiting in lines or useless downtime. Our guide gave us rendezvous locations and times and stuck to them promptly. - Lunch was phenomenal. Although being served in the museum bistro was a major disappointment (other reviews mentioned beautiful restaurants), the food itself was excellent and plentiful. As a solo traveller, this provided a fun opportunity to bond with my fellow tour members. - The bus was the most comfortable bus I've EVER been on, and the drive was beautiful. Miles of yellow canola fields and beautiful farmhouses and villages. Cons: - The hugest disappointment: Actual time spent on battle sites was INCREDIBLY upsetting. Let's be real, the entire reason you booked this trip is to spend time in the place where it happened. Not in a museum, miles from the coast, looking at pictures and videos we've all seen already. We spent less than 10 minutes at Omaha; barely enough time to make it down to the sand and back. After an unnecessary hour at the cemetery, we drove RIGHT PASSED the Arromanches - piece of history best observed up close just flew by our windows. - Our guide was friendly, but gave very basic information - nothing that I hadn't read for myself on wikipedia or plaques. Seeing guides from other groups show maps/photos and tell interesting and interesting stories made me very jealous. - Bus wifi was "broken". My conclusion: A solid day trip, but your $200 toward a hotel in Caen or Bayeaux and a rental car and see SO much more.

Kimberly S
5 | 2019-07-03

The tour was great, but long. Very moving at the beaches and the cemetery. Natasha was a wonderful and knowledgeable guide. I would do this tour again.

Joyce D
5 | 2019-07-03

Our guide Sabastiien was very good. It is a long day, but worthwhile. We were a party of 4 as were the other members of our group. The day was sunny and warm, and seeing the monuments, the beaches and the cemetery are so unbelievably moving. We also had a very good lunch with wine, in a nice setting. We highly recommend the tour.

Darryl W
2 | 2019-07-03

Normandy beach was good, but the guides and lunch was very ordinary. The worst tour I have experienced traveling annually overseas since 2007.

Mayra G
5 | 2019-05-10

The bus was very comfortable and clean. The tour guide was very nice and knowledgeable, however, she spoke very softly , had no microphone while out of the bus and was very difficult to understand.

Kathleen F
5 | 2019-04-01

Great tour! Tour guide was excellent! Very knowledgeable and had a sense of humor. Lunch was great! Only wish we had spent more time at the American Cemetery and the museum. Would add that this trip may be difficult with young kids.

David R
4 | 2019-03-26

I am a serious history buff so this was high on my bucket list. The plusses...highly emotional day for the son of a WW II American vet. The realism of the severity of the bombardment is evident at Pont du Hoc. Huge shell craters and the remains of the German bunkers attest to the force of the shelling. To be able to walk on Omaha Beach was quite moving. The negatives...too long at the Caen museum. While this is like a quick highlight tour of the war and the causes leading to it, I would have liked more about D Day itself and not about the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, the Blitz, etc. it was a very long day made longer by a pointless ride to Juno Beach but not access to the Canadian Memorial there. The tour guides were pleasant and informative to a degree but had a number of misstatements and exaggerations.

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