Stadswandeling door de Parijse wijk Le Marais met kaas- en wijnproeverij
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Stadswandeling door de Parijse wijk Le Marais met kaas- en wijnproeverij

Stadswandeling door de Parijse wijk Le Marais met kaas- en wijnproeverij

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U ontmoet uw gids midden in Le Marais, een oude wijk in Parijs met heel wat middeleeuwse architectuur. Al wandelend door deze hippe wijk, ooit geliefd door de aristocratie en vandaag de dag gekenmerkt door trendy kunstgaleries en restaurants, luistert u naar uw deskundige lokale gids.

Zorg voor lekkere trek op weg naar Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, een kleine eeuwenoude overdekte markt met etenswaren. Snuif de geuren en kleuren op in deze enclave van stalletjes met verse producten en een diversiteit aan cuisines.

Uw gids neemt u mee naar een authentieke Franse bistro, waar u met uw groepje mag plaatsnemen voor een proeverij. En terwijl u geniet van een aantal van de beroemdste kazen en wijnen van Frankrijk, leert u van uw gids hoe u de verschillende smaken kunt onderscheiden en krijgt u tips voor het selecteren van de ideale combinaties van wijn en kaas. U gaat vijf kazen proeven, waaronder blauwschimmelkaas, Comté en geitenkaas, en vier verschillende wijnen.

Na de proeverijen kunt u uw gids desgewenst vragen bij welke restaurants u lekker kunt eten. Uw ontspannen wandeling door Le Marais met wijn- en kaasproeverij eindigt om 18:00 uur, waarna u de rest van de avond vrij bent om zelf nog meer gastronomische hoogstandjes te ontdekken!
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  • Stadswandeling door de wijk Le Marais
  • Plaatselijke gids
  • 5 kaasproeverijen
  • Vier kleine glazen wijn
Niet inclusief
  • Eten en drinken, tenzij aangegeven
  • Fooien (optioneel)
  • Ophalen en afzetten bij hotel
  • Bevestiging wordt ontvangen ten tijde van de boeking, tenzij geboekt binnen 3 dagen voor vertrek. In dat geval ontvangt u de bevestiging binnen 48 uur, afhankelijk van beschikbaarheid
  • Rolstoeltoegankelijk
  • De minimumleeftijd voor alcoholconsumptie in Frankrijk is 18 jaar
90% Cultureel
75% Eten
30% Sport
Norman Paul D
3 | 2017-04-21

Our guide Victoria was fantastic and showed us a lot of great things in the Marais. The tour was however not as I expected. I thought we'd be touring wine and cheese tasting venues but it turned out that we only partook at one location at the end of the tour. The cheese portions were very small but very nice as were the wines selected. Overall very enjoyable but quite expensive for what we received.

Francis W
5 | 2015-07-13

The guide showed up a bit late but gave a terrific tour of the the Marais followed by a wine and cheese tasting at a local cafe. He I'm sorry but I do not recall his name made the buildings, monuments and statues much more that static structures giving reasons why each was done. All in akll, a very good tour.

1 | 2015-02-24

This "tour" was the WORST experience. It was a waste of money because there was no tour. We waited (a total of 7 people) for 30 minutes at the designated meeting place. When the guide finally arrived, she was visibly annoyed. It became evident that she had no plan. She began by walking us to the Place des Vosges. She told us that many famous people ( she did not tell us who) had lived there and we could walk around if we wanted. It was already dark at this point so no one wanted to do that. She then walked us to a museum that we could go into if we wanted. Again, no one wanted to do that. So she walked us to a Jewish area where we could walk around if we wanted to. During this time, she gave no information to the group. She did speak, in a very low tone, to one man in the group but no to the group. At this point, the family group of 5 told her that she was wasting their time and they left the group. She asked me if I was disappointed. So I told her what they website had described the tour to be. She then told me that was not the tour she was prepared to give. My husband and I decided to leave. When the guide joined the group, it was 5:00. When the group dissolved, it was 5:25. Before booking this tour, I had read previous reviews and was anxious to do this. What I got was a big disappointment, a waste of my time and a waste of money.

Alison H
5 | 2014-10-30

This tour was awesome! David was our guide and we could not have asked for a better person. He was so knowledgable about the history of the area and most importantly the cheese and wine! David made it really fun and easy to walk around Le Marais. He even showed me a really fancy little Macaroon shop that wasn't too far out of the way! We walked for about an hour and then stopped at a little local cafe. I would call it the French Cheers, because it is where all the locals hang out! The service was attentive and kind. The cheeses to die for, and the wine just as good! We enjoyed this tour so much that we signed up for another tour with David the next day! Le Marais is a smaller must see district if you are really wanting to experience the life of the local Parisians. Excellent Tour!

Phyllis L
1 | 2014-09-23

In June, we went on the "Small Group Food and Market Tour of the Bastille District in Paris", and couldn't have been more pleased. We found our guide informative, the tastings were delicious and educational. The Marais Walking Tour with Wine and Cheese tasting in Paris" was extremely disappointing. First we were stood up by Natalie on the appointed day, Tuesday, September 16. We waited 45 minutes in the heat. When we called the emergency number, we were told that Natalie had a family emergency and couldn't make it. We were rescheduled for Thursday. When Natalie arrived, she said that her failure to show up was the result on a mix up in the dates, and didn't mention any family emergency. She was totally unapologetic, and in fact, made light of our having to wait in vain for her earlier in the week. She was very uninformative about the history of the area, and wasn't able to answer any questions we asked. Then we were taken to a cafe. There was no "wine and cheese tasting", but rather a glass of wine and a platter of cheese with little description of the cheese and no description of the wine was given (much less getting to taste different wines). The whole thing was a joke (in fact, the word "sucks" comes to mind. I have been on several food tours in other cities, and have never been more disappointed.